WSWCF Academy is partnering with company KENGURU PRO providing our trainers and students with 10% discount for best street workout and calisthenics equipment. Kenguru Pro produces and installs modern sports complexes for street workout, calisthenics and parkour. Kenguru Pro sports grounds  are designed to meet international practices and recommendations of professional athletes. Quality, usability and design is main focus of company. Also, Kenguru Pro company popularizes street sports and promotes healthy lifestyle, forms attraction among young people towards street sports.

WSWCF Academy is partnering with company ETRA  providing our trainers and students with 30% discount for the first order and 20% discount on all following orders of premium chalk. Just like WSWCF Academy, company Etra seeks to inspire people to progress in all aspects of their lives. If you are a WSWCF Academy student or certified trainer, please contact for details.