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Official WSWCF Street Workout and Calisthenics Gym Certification

Street workout and calisthenics gym certification is intended for any private street workout and calisthenics indoor gym or outdoor park, CrossFit gym, regular gym or any other gym that already possesses or plans to purchase street workout and calisthenics equipment.

wswcf certefied calisthenics gym

The gym certification process is carried out by the WSWCF Academy, where specialists with many years of experience in the field have developed equipment and safety standards for street workout and calisthenics trainings. These standards and certification allow people to trust the quality brand created by the WSWCF. A gym, certified by the WSWCF, is a safe and enhancing place, where to best perform street workout and calisthenics as a form of fitness activity and where to best prepare even for the highest level street workout and calisthenics competitions.


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How to apply for certification

To obtain the WSWCF certificate for your gym it must meet all of the WSWCF standards. If your gym meets the WSWCF standards, then the certification process takes place in the following manner:

  1. You have to fill in the application form, located at the bottom of this page;
  2. A contract and a prepayment invoice is sent to you;
  3. After the invoice has been settled and a signed contract has been sent to WSWCF Academy, upon demand and within the period of two months you have to prepare and send in:
  4. Technical drawing of the workout area,
  5. Photos taken from every corner of the workout area that show all the equipment placement, proving the authenticity of the technical drawing,
  6. Detailed photos of the street workout and calisthenics equipment, showing the binding places of the independent parts and the depicting the fixation of the equipment to the ground,
  7. Photos of the facilities,
  8. Information, attesting that at least one of your trainers is certified by the WSWCF Academy or is an active student. If you do not have any WSWCF Academy trainers or active students in your gym, then upon ordering a certification process you can also announce the information, regarding an employee who is ready to acquire the WSWCF online trainer education;
  9. When all the tests and inspections have been successfully completed, you will receive, both electronically and by post, the WSWCF certificate for the particular gym, and the gym will be added to the WSWCF database, hence your clients will be able to find you.

For a single gym the WSWCF certificate is granted once and it does not require to be renewed and there are no additional yearly subscription fees involved. It is a one-time investment in your business.


WSWCF standards to comply to get your gym or sport ground certified

1. Equipment and its condition

1.1. Minimum equipment required:
Pull-up bars with at least two different heights that are above 2.2 m. There must be enough pull–up bars for 4 people to work at the same time (each person needs 1.2 m);
Dip bars. At least 4 people must be able to work on dip bars at the same time (each person needs 1 m);
Monkey bar. Length must be at least 3 m and width – at least 1 m (highly recommended, but not mandatory);
Swedish ladder. Height must be at least 2.2 m;
Push-up bars. Mounted or portable;
Six exercise safety mats;
Person, who has completed a first aid course, accompanied by a first aid kit.

1.2. All of the equipment must be:
In a good condition,
In a safe distance from other equipment.

2. Premises and their conditions

2.1. Premises must have:
Changing room. Separate for men and women (for outdoor workout parks, a changing room has to be located and accessible close to the park),
Shower. Hot and cold water (for outdoor workout parks, a shower has to be located and accessible close to the park).

2.2 All of the premises have to be:
In a good condition,
Heated, if necessary.

2.3 Personnel requirements:
At least one of your employees has to be an active student of the WSWCF Academy, or a trainer certified by the Academy.

WSWCF certificate is granted to a gym or workout park, based on the equivalence between the information sent in by the owner of the street workout and calisthenics gym or park and the required information (standards), and based on a special attestation, in which the owner verifies that all the requirements have been met. WSWCF retains the right to send an expert to inspect the gym or workout park, in case of any complaints from the clients regarding lack of compliance of the gym or workout park with the standards or the implementation of unauthorized alterations. In this case, the owner will be asked to deliver improvements. If the owner will not comply, the certificate will be revoked. For us it is very important that the wish to maintain the WSWCF quality brand is mutual.

Please note!
It is illegal to refer to your gym or workout park as conforming to the WSWCF standards without an actual certificate. A gym or workout park can only be deemed in conformity to the standards if it has received the certificate.



Certification of a gym or workout park with an existing WSWCF Academy trainer or active student employed – 2750 EUR.

Certification of a gym or workout park together with the WSWCF Academy trainer education programme:
for 1 employee – 3200 EUR;
for 2 employees – 3600 EUR.

The price for the certification of more than one gym or workout park in a row or of a workout park or gym with Kenguru Pro workout equipment will be determined upon request.


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Payment method: 

Certification of a gym or workout park with an existing WSWCF Academy trainer or active student employed is EUR 2750 (3350 USD)

Certification of a gym or workout park together with the WSWCF Academy trainer education programme for one employee is EUR 3200 (3900 USD)

Certification of a gym or workout park together with the WSWCF Academy trainer education programme for two employees is EUR 3600 (4400 USD)